Hello, I’m Anthony May, aka Techydude.

I provide bespoke electronics design services to help you get your product idea out of your head and into reality, whether you need a quick hacked-together prototype to woo your VCs, through to a reliably manufactured product:

  • electronic circuit design & simulation (analog, digital, power, ELV & LV) 
  • schematic and PCB CAD in Altium Designer
  • firmware / embedded software coding of microcontrollers in C & Assembler
  • Design for Manufacture & Test (DfM, DfT)
  • thorough Bill of Materials preparation targeting prototype, small, & medium volume
  • production test jig design & fabrication, & test procedure documentation
  • systems engineering & integration
  • practical product design guidance
I bring a cool head & good-humoured approach to a serious endeavour that comes from 26 years of commercial & industrial experience in both electronics design and IT, operating my own branded self-employment for 12+ years, while demonstrating I still “play well with others”.

I’m comfortable operating across the development spectrum from “hack it ‘till it works” through to a mature iterated design that’s ready for efficient manufacturing & testing, and subject to a range of regulatory & compliance requirements.
I relocated to San Francisco in 10/2015, and am open to new opportunities.
I hold a L2 U.S. non-immigrant ‘legal alien’ visa permitting me to work for U.S. employers.

My CV is my LinkedIn profile, linked over there on the right. You can contact me via LinkedIn, or the contact page of this site.